The summer is over, the children returned to school, and they again have to get used to the educational regime and to each other. Social teacher Sin Witson gives parents five tips on how to support children at the beginning of their studies.

A child who experiences difficulties in communication or ended up in a new team may need the help of an adult. Here are five things that you can start doing today.

1. Train social skills

For many schoolchildren, to be friends with peers as natural as breathing. But for vulnerable and shy children, communication with classmates is an inexhaustible source of stress. Parents who did not have such problems believe that this is not normal, and such an attitude refuses additional pressure.


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ability to be friends is a skill that can and should be formed and improved, just as, for example, children train to solve mathematical problems. Use role -playing games, rehearse behavior options in various social situations, show teaching videos on how to start a conversation, find common interests or break out unhealthy relationships.

2. Use strengths

What is your child strong? What is interest in? He loves to draw, is interested in science or computers? He is fond of football, swimming or theater?

If you focus on the fact that the child is bad, you will not achieve positive results and the child will be even more closed in himself. Make its strengths with the foundation for the development of social skills.

Mark is a very musical teenager. He plays drums and sings perfectly. But he went to a new school and could not find a common language with classmates, many of whom are playing sports. The school psychologist suggested that Mark write a hymn for a school football team. The players liked this song so much that they were imbued with respect for the brand and willingly communicate with it.

3. Determine what is most important

Which interferes with a shy schoolboy the most? He cannot make a conversation? Does not dare to share thoughts? A child can experience many difficulties in communication, but you need to start with the development of social skills, the absence of which prevents him from the strongest of all, and then move on to less significant.

4. Find new sites for communication with peers

It happens that the conflict arises due to the specifics of a particular group, and not because of the individual characteristics of the child. Often children who do not find a common language with classmates get along very well with the guys from the hockey team or vice versa. Study often turns for children into a constant struggle for a place in the school hierarchy, which makes the school an extremely uncomfortable place.

The best that can be done for the child in this case is to offer him extracurricular activities. In the club, sports section, volunteer organization or theater circle, the child can find new friends.

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